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Why do we need an Anti-Drug Coalition in the Ottawa area

The I.V.A.D.C. provides valuable partnerships between various sectors of the community.  A working coalition allows our community to come together and represent a collaboration of various agencies with one united goal to provide a unified approach to ensuring that our community is against illicit drug usage.  Furthermore it is through these partnerships that the I.V.A.D.C. is able to reach such a large audience in various sectors of the community.

Are the meetings for the I.V.A.D.C. open to the general public?

Yes any members of our community are welcome to attend our regular meetings, which are on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 6PM.  Our typical meeting location is the Times Annex located at 817 Columbus St in Ottawa Illinois.  Any community member wishing to address the coalition is asked to email the IVADC at info@ivadc.org to present their agenda before attending the meeting.  Meeting schedules are posted on our website.    

Does the I.V.A.D.C. provide intervention type services for a person(s) with a drug addiction?

No, the Illinois Valley Anti-Drug Coalition is designed to provide community members with information about the services available locally and across the country.  The members of the I.V.A.D.C. will gladly point a person in need of assistance in the correct direction but the IVADC does not provide treatment, counseling or anything of that nature.  

How is the I.V.A.D.C. funded?

The I.V.A.D.C. is funded solely through donations, both private and corporate.  Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so via mail to I.V.A.D.C. P.O. Box 2035, Ottawa IL 61350.  Donations will be used to continue to provide services and events.

What is the mission of the I.V.A.D.C.?

To bring the community together in effort to reduce youth substance abuse and, over time, among adults through coordinated and committed prevention efforts by all sectors of the community.

Our organization is interested in partnering with the I.V.A.D.C. for an event. Is that possible?

The I.V.A.D.C. is always open to partnering with various organizations in the community.  Please contact the I.V.A.D.C. via email info@ivadc.org for more information.

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